Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Get Charged If You Cannot Repair The Device?

We have a policy of “No Repair, No Charge” hence we do not charge any amount to customers if the device is not repairable or under a rare event where our technicians are unable to repair the device or if it’s damaged beyond repair. HOWEVER the customer has to bear the shipping charges for the collection of device from his end via courier and then reshipping it back to the customer, which is a flat rate Rs. 400/-

How Should I Send My Device To Lab.DMarket.Pk?

After the estimate provided to you from our end and your consent to proceed with the repairing service, We shall Generate a shipping label using our assigned courier service, on your WhatsApp Number which you need to print and paste on a package containing your device and a representative of the assigned courier service shall have the parcel collected from your location and we shall receive the device on our end.

Is There Anything I Should Do Before Sending The Device?

We highly recommend you back up your data prior sending the device to ensure your data is safe and protected as during repairing process there is a high probability of data loss particularly in software related issues despite ones utmost effort to avoid data loss. This also enables us to fully test the device after repair without compromising your privacy

Also please remove any pins and passwords, as this will slow us down in after repair testing, if we need to obtain pass code for testing purpose we shall contact you accordingly. Similarly please also remove any SIMs and memory cards off the device before sending it to us for repair along with batteries, back covers and accessories unless specifically asked for or instructed from our end.

Is There a Warranty Is Provided From Your End?

Yes we offer a 7 days warranty on all parts and repairs performed/installed from our end

However, we do not offer any warranty on Liquid Damage phones repaired by us. Liquid or moisture can easily damage the delicate internal circuitry in your phone and while the damage is not immediate at times, the impact slowly penetrates to the internal components gradually leading to major damage in the end. Any kind of water, liquid or moisture damage will void your warranty, manufacturers these days have installed moisture indicator in devices which changes color upon contact with water or moisture thereby allowing the technicians to confirm water damage

Also, our warranty does not cover intentional or accidental damage to the repaired device after it has been returned to the customer from our end

How Long Will It Take To Repair My Device?

We try our utmost for the minimum turnaround time. The duration of repairing varies on the issue with the device and the customer is provided a tentative timeline at the time of quoting the charges for the repair service. However, on some occasions initially provided duration can get extended if by some reason we are out-of-stock on a part *a rare case* that is required for your repair

Similarly, some high level repairs such as liquid damage can take longer duration. Also be advised that diagnosing at times takes longer than usual repairs as our technicians require additional time due to previous buildup and influx of repairs

What If My Device Is Diagnosed For Other Issues Apart From The One Provided By Me?

It is quite difficult to identify the precise issue or extent of repair with the device without a proper professional hands-on examination. In-some cases we ask our customers to send in pictures of their device beforehand to narrow down and assess the damage for the very purpose. However if additional issues are discovered with the device, our representative shall contact you and revise the quote accordingly and will only proceed with repairing after your consent and approval has been received.

How Will You Return My Device And When Will I Pay The Charges?

Once repairing has been performed and our technicians have successfully checked the device running smoothly during testing phase, we shall have the item shipped to you or one of our riders shall have it delivered at your doorstep. At the time of delivery the charges are collected on COD basis.